I love chocolate... coffee, the ocean, photography, and most of all -- spending quality time with my family.

'Insight' is where you will find glimpses of me... Images of family that move me and speak to me about who they are... who I am as their mother, wife and friend... Images that I hope will move and inspire you to remember to capture all of those impromptu moments of your own.

Capturing and preserving precious moments of my children growing up has always been important to me. I love all the fun & silly moments they experience over the years. While working with children professionally for many years, I developed a love for capturing their many goofy, quirky and precious moments & expressions.

Photography has always been a passion of mine. I love photos... b&w, color... old and new.
I could spend hours in a gallery just looking at all the beauty others have created and all the stories told through something as simple as a photograph.

family_orchardMy photography training comes from many areas: Including, photography classes through a professional photographer I know. She told me that I had an eye for photography and encouraged me to pursue a career in photography. I took her words to heart, and here I am. What started out as a hobby has turned into something that I am truly passionate about.

Since then, I have taken numerous classes at colleges, online tutorials, as well as continuing education seminars from pro-photographers and working side-by-side with other pro-photographers to learn all that I can to capture and produce the beautiful timeless images for others. I'm always looking for ways to further educate myself and enhance and improve my techniques.

Nothing can capture a memory or evoke emotion like a photograph. Every photograph tells its own story in its own way.

My goal... To give you a simple, pleasant, fun experience, personal attention, and beautiful portraits that you and your family will always treasure.

My style.......
Artistic & Photojournalistic... Telling the story of your day through photos, including all the emotions, the beauty, the love & the details.